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Kelly Jean’s Personal Journey

headshot-homeKelly Jean has the unique gift of professional knowledge combined with vast life experiences which enable her to successfully work with a wide variety of issues relating to both men and women of all ages. She is an inspirational leader, speaker and a facilitator for all areas of health and wellness including nutrition, fitness, addiction recovery, spirituality and personal empowerment.
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“Experience Your Best Self”

“Kelly Jean Dammeyer is an exceptional, gifted and inspiring woman. As a dynamic trainer, transformational leader, inspired coach and empowered facilitator, she will lead you to experience your best self, and help you attain previously unreachable goals. She will astound you with her vivacious spirit, her love of life and her unbounded enthusiasm. Working with Kelly helps you experience your own real, expansive and alive self. Kelly’s belief in you, commitment to you and involvement with you can literally change you forever.”

Bill Bauman, Ph.D., Founder, The Center for Soulful Living


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