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The Power of Surrendering

The question I’ve been asked time and time again is, “how did you get so strong in being able to overcome all of your addictions?”  The answer is quite simple. I totally surrendered. The first time I surrendered was back in 1987 when my mother confronted my addictions to no end. I call it a

Garden of Eden- My School of Life

“Life feels like a dream now as I’m dancing within the many facets of love and health which makes for an amazing life. I feel a love for this world and a desire to be a conduit for others change. It’s not merely luck that has gotten me here rather, a very long journey that

It’s Prime Time

As of April, I am now fifty years old and “right on time” because I have technically and officially entered menopause. It will have been one complete year as of this month, May 2014, that I have missed my menstrual period.  Oddly enough, I was one of the very few that actually loved the idea

How toTest Your Own Health at Home

  Hello Everyone! There are two easy tests that you can perform at home to see if you are acidic or have a yeast overgrowth (candida) in your system.  Either one of these issues can cause a myriad of problems in our bodies and can lead to disease if we don’t address them. In my

Overcoming Obesity

                “For so many years, I was devastated and hopeless at believing that I would ever be free from compulsive overeating. I was actually frightened of and intimidated by food. My appetite was like a wild thoroughbred. If I was exposed to anything delicious, I would take off

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