Life 8 inch Screen-IMG_5845 “Life feels like a dream now as I’m dancing within the many facets of love and health which makes for an amazing life. I feel a love for this world and a desire to be a conduit for others change. It’s not merely luck that has gotten me here rather, a very long journey that started back in 1987, when after an intervention, I completely surrendered my alcohol and drug addictions. When I look back at the level of self- destruction and danger that I had been living the years prior to that, I can only call it Grace that allowed me to survive. Living on the edge, addictions, sexuality and pain were all I knew back then yet what I really always wanted was to feel the “magic” of life. That “magic” is what I refer to now as love…“Divine Love”. Through my blogs, I feel compelled to finally share parts of my story because it is from life’s experiences that I have learned so much about strength, true love within and health. My hope is that all of us continue to realize our spiritual selves so that we may understand our present challenges from a much broader perspective while living out our human experiences in what I refer to as, “The Garden of Eden”. Join me as I take you on my journey.” Written by Kelly Jean Dammeyer