Kelly Jean Meditation Resize As of April, I am now fifty years old and “right on time” because I have technically and officially entered menopause. It will have been one complete year as of this month, May 2014, that I have missed my menstrual period.  Oddly enough, I was one of the very few that actually loved the idea of having a period so I am a little sad to see them go. For the past few years, I have been specifically gearing up for this special time in my life because I knew from my studies and from observing women around me that based on the condition of my physical health and my emotional, spiritual condition, menopause would either be another time to thrive or it would be some version of “hell”. Having strong intentions has always been a key for me in manifesting my dreams and goals so once again and I say this with such gratitude, I accomplished yet another “field goal” of being ready for menopause with healthy adrenals, a body that burns fat efficiently, more spiritual expansion and a very potent  love for myself and the world. With all of that being said, over a year ago I gave love another shot and stepped into a relationship. In many ways it was magical and the connection of our inner light was powerfully co-creative. There were differences between us however, that in the end, had some devastating consequences for me personally and physically. With “prime time” comes wisdom and strength, especially when having all the health pieces together so I was extremely wide awake and reactive to how the differences between us were not at all in alignment with the expanded rendition of Kelly Jean so I kept experiencing a suffering throughout knowing at the core of me that I was not living my truth. Living from a one dimensional perspective for me,  feels like suffocation now that my soul has experienced the omnipotence of the outer realms which I call Divine Love.  My commitment to living in alignment with that is now beyond my control because my higher self simply insists that I be true to it by living it and by being it.  I kept running away from him and it felt like the great escape. He accused me of being a runner and kept calling me a “flight risk”. I knew exactly what it was. More than I was running away from him, I was really running “home” to me and to that greatest “Love”. Whenever I left his door, I’d feel at peace. He was a beautiful mirror of me in many ways and so many of the reflections of myself were the parts of me that I had done a lot of letting go of and after re-experiencing them with him, I became completely ready to shed those parts of me once and for all.  Throughout the year of being in the relationship, I begged this person to please put his wings on and join me in this most lovely flight of higher consciousness. It was not his calling. Finally, I ended the relationship. Leaving out the details, I will simply say that my body and my soul had been through what felt like a war zone. I knew that I needed to submerge myself into complete healing and realignment so I committed myself to my own six week “Prime Time Cleanse”. I am approaching the end and have experienced the most incredible journey of ressurection to an even greater level of health than ever before. I am free of sugar, caffeine and all toxic substances, at the same time, I am infusing my body with special healing foods, techniques, supplements and remedies.  My body is in a complete state of bliss and harmony. All of the lingering emotions  have cleared and I am experiencing again, my pure connection to Love. The other day I ran into a woman that I haven’t seen in a very long time and she said something that sort of stuck with me. She told me that I reminded her of a gypsy. If I had been in a different space, I might have felt sad about that statement.  However, because of my ability to see myself from a much greater perspective, I see myself more as a woman who is committed to the school of life and to loving the world as if it were my family. I welcome myself and all of you to what I am calling “Prime Time”. With All My Love, Kelly Jean Dammeyer