Kelly Jean has had great success working with young men and women who
are struggling with common issues that are prevalent amongst teenagers. Her troubles began as a young girl therefore she has a personal passion for supporting the younger generation before their problems become serious with devastating consequences. She has the gift of being able to connect and win the trust of most any young person she works with.

Is your daughter or son struggling
with any of the following?
  • Eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating)
  • Body image
  • Low self-esteem
  • Divorce
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Being bullied
  • Early signs of addictions

“Having a daughter with an eating disorder is probably the scariest thing I had to endure. My daughter was intelligent, talented and beautiful and I couldn’t understand why she was deliberately doing this to herself. Most of my family and friends were
telling me “oh it’s just a phase she’ll get over it in a little while”. This denial was just making things worse and I knew she needed serious help. We tried three different
doctors, two physiologists and a nutritionist. I was ready to commit her to a facility in San Diego for eating disorders. One day while leaving Fitness Elite, I saw Kelly Jean’s business card and immediately called her.
She and I talked for what seemed like forever and I knew she was the one who truly got what I was saying. Shortly thereafter she met with my daughter and me. Even though my daughter was reluctant to get help, Kelly Jean gained her trust. Kelly Jean gave her the tools she needed to climb out of her destructive spiral and get back to her normal self. I truly believe without Kelly Jean’s help she would not be the incredible happy and healthy young woman she is today. “Teri E., San Clemente, Ca.

“Upon meeting Kelly Jean I had not the slightest clue what to expect. I knew she would help me with a diet plan and exercise options but what she gave me was so much more. We began to lay out a nutrition plan where I would write a daily food journal for her
to see and make suggestions. We then perfected a workout routine that would allow
me eat the way she wanted me to and workout how I wanted to. I think it was the
balance of her supportive personality and the structure of her methods that made me stick with her program. I knew that she had success with other kids my age (in their teens) and I also found out while talking with her one on one that she went through many challenging obstacles in her own life and was able to rise up against the odds
and become the strong woman she is today.
I believe those two facts were critical for me to know so that I could open myself up and be inspired
to put my trust in her process. I will not sit here and say that it was easy; but then again, nothing worth having comes easily. This was the most challenging thing I have ever been through and in my case all I really needed was a push in the right direction
and someone to encourage me, build me up, and tell me that what I am doing is the right thing. Giving yourself over to the process sounds extremely scary and if you are struggling to understand why I was able to trust Kelly Jean when so many facilitators before her had failed, I can truthfully say that I felt safe in her hands. At first I simply
told myself “perhaps I will try it her way for awhile and if I don’t like it I can always stop” however, after the first difficult week I began to realize that this is what I needed all along. I held control for a very long time in a type of reverse rebellion against my body and I think it was simply time for someone else, someone stronger to take the reins
and give me the power to start again.”
Jonelle E., San Clemente, Ca.

Kelly Jean Can Relate…

Kelly Jean’s body image issues began when she was bullied for being overweight and wearing glasses at the age of five. She was devastated by her parent’s divorce when she was seven. Her alcohol, drug and nicotine addictions all started in junior high school and she was a drop out by tenth grade. She left home at sixteen and kept spiraling down into trouble of all sorts. It wasn’t until she was twenty-two that she was admitted into rehabilitation.

Kelly Jean is dedicated to supporting young
men and women to:
  • Feel seen and valued for being extraordinary
  • Believe in themselves wholeheartedly and be able
    to see others in their greatness as well
  • Value their physical health
  • Understand the power of food in relationship to their moods
  • See life’s challenges from a broader perspective in
    order to overcome and learn from every experience
  • Reap the rewards from surrendering their self-will
Kelly Jean’s Winning Formula…
Kelly Jean has amazing success working with young men and women because:
  • They come to understand that she has lived the pain
    that they are presently experiencing.
  • They are inspired by her genuine belief in them and
    she reflects to them their winning traits.
  • They become infused by her support that comes from a foundation of
    unconditional love. As a result they begin to discover it for themselves.

This approach ignites a new desire to make healthier choices in the areas
of self-care, lifestyle, food, friendships and family relations.

“There is nothing more rewarding for me than to be a positive facilitator
for this most precious demographic.” -Kelly Jean Dammeyer