Life Coaching

Kelly Jean first became empowered through overcoming a multitude of adversities in her own life… today she is continually inspired and empowered by the changes she helps others make in their lives. Working with Kelly Jean you will receive the extraordinary benefits of her deep compassion, her commitment to you and her unique ability to draw out the very best in you. Personal transformation cannot be achieved with a program solely focused on physical results. Physical health is crucial, but emotional and spiritual health is also key components in complete wellness.

Are You Ready to Expand into the True You
and the Life You Dream of for Yourself?

Kelly Jean will help you clear out everything that gets in your way of you experiencing your most amazing self.

Her personal coaching program is powerfully packed with identifying the issues, setting the intentions, implementing spiritual and practical tools and committing to specific actions.

There is absolutely nothing too great for you to overcome. Kelly Jean is a living example of that and she is dedicated to being your greatest advocate. She will provide the support you need to break through any glass ceiling that gets in your way.

Working with Kelly Jean will Bring
You Positive, Rejuvenating Changes!

You will…
  • Increase your amount of time feeling happy
  • Become empowered to deal with life’s challenges
  • Free yourself from the vicious cycle of compulsive eating
  • Develop a new healthy relationship with yourself and food
  • Free yourself from anxiety, depression and fear
  • Be the master of your life
  • Develop a deeper spiritual connection
  • Recommit to living from your heart
  • Let go of the old stories that are no longer relevant
  • Discover your life’s purpose – and go for it!
  • Foster new and improved perspectives with your body image
  • Be done with unhealthy relationship patterns
  • Establish healthy boundaries
  • Begin to make yourself a priority
  • Let go of bad habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Develop compassion and the willingness to forgive
  • Learn to be in balance with the flow of life

  • Custom Life Coaching Programs and Packages are Available.
  • Standard Life Coaching Sessions Also Available.

“Every person that I work with is living a part of my story. They know that from my own experience, I understand exactly what they’re going through. They trust that I can lead them up and out of whatever challenge they are facing and into living the life that they’ve always dreamed of. They also feel inspired by my strength, my joy and the level of health that I have evolved into. They suddenly recognize that they can have it too. My job is to get them there and their only job is to want it for themselves.” –Kelly Jean Dammeyer

For more information and pricing contact Kelly Jean at or (760) 696-7084