Blood Sugar Stabilizing Nutrition Program This program is the foundation of health and a great place for everyone to start. It is a 30-day Program that includes a 1.5-hour session with three 30-minute weekly follow-up sessions. This program includes:
  • Menu design & snack planning workshop, catered to your specific health needs and lifestyle.
  • Macronutrient Ratio Review where you’ll review your current and fat, protein and carbohydrate intake ratios and explain the changes needed to achiev your individual weight loss, strength building or overall healthy lifestyle goals
  • Tools to become an expert on the science and art of blood sugar stabilization and the many benefits you will enjoy when you achieve this balance
  • Priceless nutrition education related to blood sugar stabilization including a detailed breakdown of the different categories of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats)
  • Discover the joy of operating at homeostasis and learn how to maintain you most efficient internal stability by eating the best food at the most appropriate ratios in optimal intervals
  • Become educated about specific foods and substances you should avoid and learn the substitutions that will make these small diet restrictions absolutely painless
  • Learn how to thoughtfully and yet easily plan out your weekly food menu, discover helpful strategies for eating on the run, how stay on track while traveling and how to negotiate a restaurant’s menu to suit your needs
  • Food journal implementation and weekly evaluations
  • Educational handouts including a detailed breakdown of the different categories of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats).
  • Kelly Jean’s famous “Deliciously Nutritious” recipes
Customized Nutrition Programs The following packages are set up and designed for each person’s individual needs. Prices vary according to the level of coaching and comprehensive program that is designed specific to your goals. Please contact (link) Kelly Jean for more details.

30-Day Package 90-Day Package 6-Week Package

Each package is customized for your own personal health goals and needs, and includes the following:
  • Menu design and snack planning workshop catered to your lifestyle and specific health needs
  • Customized nutrition education
  • Follow up sessions tailored to your personal needs
Food Sensitivity Testing Many people have hidden food sensitivities that secretly sabotage their health without even knowing it. With Kelly Jean’s food sensitivity testing services, you will receive:
  • Half-hour comprehensive review and evaluation of food sensitivity test results
  • 270 panel food sensitivity testing for sensitivities against 200 whole foods, 50 functional foods and medicinal herbs and 20 food additives/colorings
  • Online and hard copies of color coded results
  • Personalized Food Sensitivity Analysis report
Kelly Jean’s 6-Week Candida Cleanse Candidiasis is a type of yeast-based fungal infection in the gut that affects many people in a multitude of ways. To help fight Candida, most people need 6-8 weeks of professional support. Kelly Jean’s program includes:
  • 30-minute educational orientation; Kelly Jean will explain six week Candida Cleanse program which will clear fungus, mold and even harmful parasites
  • 1.5 hour personal plan development and detailed step by step protocol worksheets to guide you every step of the way
  • 6 half-hour progress evaluations with updated strategy discussion and educational feedback
  • Continued support and daily email correspondence
  • Gut repair protocol
  • Supplement evaluation and recommendations
  • How to transition back into general nutrition and continue to maintain your new and improved gut health.
Healthy Home Services Kelly Jean provides three different services that will bring you up to speed in living a healthy lifestyle more quickly. You may choose one or all three depending on your personal needs.
  • One-hour Grocery shopping tour: Take certified nutritionist Kelly Jean to your favorite grocery outlet or farmers market and she will help your future trips become faster, easier, less expensive and more effective in order to help you reach your nutritional goals.
  • Pantry Clean Out: Sometimes an outsider’s perspective is all you need to snap yourself back to reality. Kelly Jean will come to your home to help you clean out the junk and restock your pantry the smart, healthy way.
  • Food Prep Demonstration: Kelly Jean is also a fabulous chef. She will show you, in the food prep demonstration, how to organize and pre- prep your food for the week. She will also teach you how to whip up smart, healthy recipes that will empower you with the ability to cook for yourself.
Click Here to Learn More About Kelly Jean’s Approach to Nutrition For more information and pricing contact Kelly Jean at or (760) 696-7084