Along with her expertise in health and wellness, Kelly Jean is a professional SAG and AFTRA on camera and voiceover actress. She has hosted her own radio talk show on health and wellness, produced a “Total Body Core Workout” DVD and is a gifted writer. She is currently in the process of writing a memoise and enjoys sharing her knowledge and inspiring others through her blogs and her poetic affirmations.

Kelly Jean Dammeyer’s Mlitary DIVAS- Determined, Inspired, Virtuous AND Sexy

Kelly Jean Dammeyer’s Military DIVAS on FOX (Determined, Inspired, Virtuous And Sexy)

Kelly Jean Dammeyer’s Military DIVAS doing Nia Fitness on FOX 5 LIVE

Kelly Jean Dammeyer with Her Military DIVAS Makeover Results on FOX 5

Fire Dancing with Kelly Jean Dammeyer

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