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Kelly Jean Dammeyer is a shining example of spectacular triumph against incredible odds. Kelly Jean’s story motivates people to achieve their own dreams, overcome obstacles they face, and to fully realize their magnificence.
Kelly Jean’s life is a lesson in self-determination and hope.  She shares her life experiences as a young girl growing up in Southern California’s fast lane and dead-ending at the bottom. She overcame not one but many obstacles that have guided her principles and enabled her to rise from the devastations of her painful past. Kelly Jean is now a successful business woman in the health and wellness field and a passionate speaker that captivates audiences on topics closest to her heart. At the core of her inspirational messages are the importance of dedication, self-worth, and accomplishing one`s goals.

Topics Include:

  • Blood sugar stabilizing nutrition
  • Healthy weight loss and maintaining it for life
  • The secret to obtaining your fitness goals
  • Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction
  • Overcoming eating disorders
  • Healing from Adrenal Fatigue
  • Preparing for and living with menopause
  • Self-Empowerment- Taking charge of your life
  • Discovering the many ways that love shows up in our lives
  • Manifesting great friendships
  • Manifesting the ultimate loving relationship
  • Opening up to unconditional love for ourselves
  • Redefining our body image
  • Overcoming the effects of being bullied – Empowering Oneself
  • Transforming our physical health
  • Creating the career that we want
  • Discovering personal talents and skills
  • How to utilize meditation, affirmations and visualization
  • Believing in ourselves when others may not
  • Freeing ourselves from anxiety and fear
  • Freeing ourselves from depression

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