Our human experience can be excruciating at times especially when we feel like everything as we know it has suddenly shifted. We are left with only one thing…blind faith. faith1 Perhaps you’ve lost your home in the floods, lost a job or a career, gone through bankruptcy, divorce, lost a loved one or were diagnosed with an illness. Even though we know that we will get to the other side or that perhaps we are being led to something greater, somehow we have to survive the pain of the circumstances and trust that we are never given more than we can handle. As we go through these unbelievable times, there’s a space that we can consciously choose to be in which is what I refer to as blind faith. Blind faith is hanging out in the realm of all possibility. It is the field¬† of all potentiality where there is no judgement of the present circumstances as being good or bad. It’s trusting that there is a greater and an omnipotent loving force working in our favor. When we are unified with this space of no answers and when we surrender into this space, we are able to let go of our reactions and decisions that come from self- will fueled by desperation or survival. Walking in blind faith doesn’t mean that we aren’t still feeling the pain of our circumstances, we do feel the pain, however, we’re more of the observer and aware of the greater story that is unveiling. I’ve lived through many painful experiences and here are some important tips on how to support yourself through the tough times and maintain that state of blind faith.
  1. Practice 5-10 minutes of Meditation- This is a powerful tool that will immediately slow down the mind and get you out of desperation, reaction and survival. Start your day in meditation and throughout the day when you’re experiencing the most painful parts of your circumstances. Meditate right before bed to lessen any anxiety.
  2. Avoid conversations with people who are not consciously able to support you. Exercise boundaries with those around you who begin projecting their fear or limiting perspectives onto you. Family and friends can be a trigger for more agitation and anxiety. They can be an added fuel to the fire without realizing it.  Meditating and staying grounded will help you recognize and decipher what is the right advice and what is not.
  3. Turn confusion and worry into curiosity- Because you don’t have any answers, you most likely feel very worried and confused about which way to turn. See if you can shift your perspective of confusion and worry to curiosity of the unknown. This will allow for you to be more open to divine solutions.
  4. Know that you will be a stronger person on the other side- “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” is probably one of the greatest sayings ever. It is so true and every single hardship that I’ve ever gone through I have felt stronger and wiser afterward. Know this to be true and keep telling yourself that you are the strongest person for going through this incredible experience. Acknowledge how amazing you are and love yourself for your courage to walk through such adversity.
  5. Take care of your body with good food and sleep- Taking care of your body during hard times is absolutely important. Most people lose sleep or they use food and substances to numb the pain. If you keep a clear channel between you and God, you will experience more divine inspirations and guidance.
Being alive means we are destined to go through hard times. Life is our school and we are students who keep transitioning to the next phase of our learning. When we break through the hard times let’s really appreciate and take in the joy, the beauty and the light of the good times. I’ll leave you with a prayer that I say often: “Thank you God, Universal Intelligence, Divine Love, Almighty Loving Force that you are, thank you for getting me to the other side of the pain and for gracing me with more and more experiences that feel like heaven on earth. I choose joy, abundance and love everyday and I inspire others to do the same.” written by Kelly Jean Dammeyer