“Let go of the common but misguided one-dimensional thought process that exercise is just a means for losing weight or achieving a certain look. The truth is, exercise has a much greater influence on your health…especially when you start approaching fitness with the deeper intentions of healing and rebalancing your body.” –Kelly Jean Dammeyer

When working with Kelly Jean, you will discover a new and
rewarding approach to your fitness that will give you the:

  • Knowledge to be self-sufficient and safe
  • Confidence in your performance
  • Inspiration to make it a lifestyle

Personalize It
Few people realize it, but if you’re not careful, exercise can do you more harm than good. Your fitness program which includes cardiorespiratory, strength and flexibility (coupled with the right nutrition) must be designed to support your body’s individual needs, especially those related to your age and current health condition.

For example:

  • Over 40? Your exercise needs to enhance your endocrine system, not damage it. Cardiorespiratory exercise needs to be carefully negotiated in these years and you need to be devoted to developing more flexibility and core strength.
  • Is your exercise causing you to gain weight? If this is happening to you,it is time to re-evaluate your program immediately. This is your bodygiving you strong feedback that your exercise is placing a heavy burden on your endocrine system.
  • Under 35? These are crucial child bearing years so it is important for you to both preserve your endocrine system and train your body for overall core strength.
  • Exercising too much? You could be burning down your glandular system and heading toward serious health challenges. More is not better.
  • Do you have an existing health condition? Your exercise program will either be designed for healing or it could make the condition worse especially if you have adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, systemic disorders or autoimmune disease. You must know how to promote healing with the right type of exercise.
  • Have posture problems? Specific exercises and stretches performed in the right way can correct muscular and postural imbalances.
  • Are you an athlete? Avoid short term and long term injuries. You must first build a foundation of core strength and understand your body mechanics before heading into power training.

Kelly Jean has worked with thousands of people over the years and she has had a tremendous amount of experience working with her own body. She now recognizes fitness as a tool for healing and promoting balance. She is passionate about passing this wisdom and deeper perspective over to you.

Personalizing your fitness will bring forth amazing
transformation both inside and out!

Understand It
The fastest way to reach your goals without injury is to understand your body mechanics. This includes understanding the specific muscles groups, neuromuscular control, the planes of movement and how various cardiorespiratory performance impacts the body.

  • How does your body move in relationship to specific muscle groups?
  • How can you proactively and efficiently recruit the working muscles  that you want?
  • Exactly what type of exercise does your body need – and what is the  correct way to perform these exercises?
  • What types of cardiorespiratory exercise are right for you, as well as,  the duration and how many times a week you should train?
  • Which exercises to avoid and why?

Understanding the mechanics will deepen your connection to your body. Being educated will empower and inspire you to be consistent in making exercise a fun and essential part of your life style.

Enjoy It
Are you ready to feel the joy of working out?
When you honor your body by giving it the type of exercise that it needs and understand how to move it in all the right ways, you set yourself up for a new experience of real transformation and pure enjoyment! Kelly Jean’s infectious love for the human body will awaken you to an even greater appreciation for your own body.

Let’s Get Started!
Kelly Jean’s customized program will forever transform the way you approach fitness! It is a very personalized method of working with you that provides a higher level of education, support and involvement than what you have experienced with any personal trainer or group fitness class in the past. As a result you will:

  • Feel a deeper connection to your body than ever before.
  • Understand the basic principles behind every exercise.
  • Know the most efficient exercises to meet your personal fitness goals.
  • Increase your metabolism and become a fat-burning machine.
  • Reach your goals without injuring yourself.
  • Be self-motivated and self-sufficient at the gym, and fully competent in any group fitness setting.
  • Feel a sense of rejuvenation and empowerment in all areas of your life.
  • And much more!
For more information and pricing contact Kelly Jean at or (760) 696-7084