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Fitness after 40: How to Revolutionize Your Fitness Program to Strengthen and Balance Your Body is available now! I wrote this e-book specifically for men and women over age 40, but you can benefit from Fitness after 40 no matter what your age. My 58-page, full color illustrated e-book will help you if you:
  • Are struggling with your workouts;
  • Are exhausted or if you’ve been injured during your exercise routine;
  • Are in a rut and need a new approach to your fitness regimen;
  • Are struggling with weight gain;
  • Have never been able to sustain a fitness program for any length of time;
  • Are confused about which exercises are the best and which ones to avoid;
Specifically, I’ll show you:
  • How to use exercise to build up rather than use up.
  • The best foods to have before you work out so you’ll fuel your exercise session to get the most out of it.
  • The best cardio, strength and stretching routines and how to perform each exercise correctly.  Full-color photos demonstrating proper form accompany the descriptions of each exercise and stretch.
  • The signs that you’re over-exercising and how to create a more balanced approach that will optimize your workouts.
The e-book includes total body stretching and strength routines, with printable charts to take along on your workouts. I struggled for much of my life with weight issues, as well as with multiple addictions and life-threatening illnesses. Thankfully, I’ve overcome all of these challenges to experience the best health of my life. Learning the right approach to fitness has been a key component in my reaching and sustaining radiant health at the age of 51. In my e-book, I share exactly how I harnessed the healing and balancing power of fitness and nutrition to transform my health and body so that I now thrive in my prime. Order your copy of Fitness after 40 now so that you, too, can get the most out of your fitness routine. Your copy of the e-book will be sent to you as a pdf file via email.