“Aloha everyone…I just wanted to share my experience about the miraculous healing that has and is continuing to take place in regards to my health and well being.  I live on the island of Maui and I am Kelly Jean’s mother. As you may know, we have recently been reunited, which in itself is quite a miracle, but added to that I have been able to receive the gifts of Kelly Jean’s immense knowledge and expertise in the field of health and wellness.  I raised her to be health conscious and always have been very aware myself of the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. I have been a competitive tennis player and considered myself fit and in good health, however, for many years I have suffered from allergies and at times moderate to severe bouts of asthma which I was able to control with an inhaler. I had resigned myself to coping with this and never could understand the origin of it or the solution to resolving it. I have always eaten all organic foods and thought that I had a healthy diet….until Kelly Jean taught me about blood sugar stabilization and how to cook and eat foods that facilitated this. When I visited her this December I had the food sensitivity test done and the results of implementing both of these into my life have been nothing short of miraculous. I discovered the foods and herbs that I am sensitive to and since eliminating them from my diet I have not had one episode of asthma and absolutely no more allergic reactions such as sneezing or coughing. I’m 74 years old , my energy level has tripled and I feel better than I have felt in many years.  Kelly Jean has also given me invaluable information about supplementation and remedies that continue to strengthen my immune system. We have also been addressing gut repair which in and of itself is fascinating and I learned how it too has been a big factor in my clearing the allergies and asthma. Even though I am her mom, I wanted to take a moment to express how very grateful I am to her and I look forward to celebrating many long years of health and happiness together. Sincerely,  Kelly Jean’s  mom.”
“I really didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for the month long blood sugar stabilizing plan with Kelly. I am a full time professional with a demanding job and a long commute to boot, and I knew I needed to learn how to improve how I was eating so that I could perform at my optimum level. Kelly made it very easy to pinpoint what I should be eating and the correct ratios, which in turn made it easier to stay away from the foods and patterns that are energy depleting. In just two weeks I have lost 3 pounds and two inches off my stomach, but most importantly I have a steady stream of energy all day long. There are a lifetime of tips and tricks I was able to learn from Kelly in just 4 sessions. She is knowledgeable, inspirational and motivating.” Kara C. San Clemente, Ca.
“I attended Kelly Jean’s “Total Wellness Breakthrough Workshop” to learn how our bodies respond to food and exercise. Her testimony of her life struggles and choices was helpful encouragement that we in attendance could achieve a higher quality of life. She was very personal in helping us to take the next steps forward for better health. She addressed the cultural fads in exercise and diet programs and gave an easy to apply and practical strategy to succeed. I am so looking forward to implementing her program.” Anderson D., Rancho Santa Fe, Ca.
“I have been training with Kelly Jean Dammeyer for a little over a year now. Over that time she has helped me completely transform my body! I tried over and over trying to get back in shape on my own and only ended up discouraged and sometimes injured. She is an excellent motivator and very conscientious of what exercises will help you and which will harm you. I am targeting and defining muscles I could not access before on my own. I have dropped 30 pounds since I started training with Kelly Jean. Over time I have also overcome a few quite painful long term problems I had from previous injuries to my hip and back. My flexibility is back to that of my teens now. I am strong, healthy and I feel awesome about my body! I cannot thank you enough Kelly!!! You have been and continue to be an inspiration and a blessing in my life – as well as a genuinely fun person to be around!!! I look forward to every one of our sessions!” Emma S., San Clemente, Ca.
“Thank you, Kelly, for your insight and individual support to help me with my fitness goals! I truly appreciated the comprehensive knowledge regarding body mechanics and how to exercise “correctly” during our time together. I feel as though the time I spend at the gym will now be more effective because of it. Thank you, also, for customizing your approach to my desire to take the information you taught me and go out on my own with it. I love the workout plan you provided – it’s simple and doable. You are so good with personalizing your services and support. It is a rare thing to be able to individualize the time spent with those you work with. I feel fortunate to have had that time!! Keep me in your thoughts for continuing to use what you’ve taught me!” XO Mandy, San Clemente, Ca.
“I worked with Kelly Jean from January-March 2011 and I was finally able to let go of my fifteen year battle with my binge eating disorder and start a new healthy life! Nine months later, I am 47 pounds down, my skin is the clearest it has ever been and I have a new lease on life! I am no longer addicted to sugar and flour and I would have never imagined being this healthy! The biggest change is my depression is gone and my brain chemicals are consistently balanced. Kelly Jean ‘s program has changed my life and am so thankful for my new lifestyle”! Rayo C., Los Angeles, Ca.
Rayo_Before__1 Rayo_After_Shot
“After dieting off and on for years, I had finally had it! I just couldn’t take it anymore. Especially the last year, doesn’t seem …like I’ve been able to lose any weight on my own. Also, I had chronic acid reflux and have felt very low energy overall. Recently, I had witnessed a friend of mine, who was on the edge of Type II Diabetes and had chronic pain from her Osteoarthritis, go through a total transformation after completing Kelly Jean’s Total Wellness Program. My friend was no longer in any pain whatsoever, which was a miracle, and she lost 13 pounds. Her joints were no longer inflammed and her blood chemistry relating to the Diabetes had improved greatly. I knew that I needed to make changes again with my own health and of course my friend highly recommended Kelly Jean so I decided to give her a try and I’m very happy I did! Debbie S., Vista, Ca.
I started seeing her about six weeks ago and I’ve already lost 8 lbs, which is really really exciting for me and my acid reflux went away almost immediately. Kelly Jean integrates a way of eating that balances your blood sugar. I chose to do the whole program with her where she also incorporates Functional Blood Analysis and the use of specific supplements and healing formulations by Metagenics to repair and rebalance the systems in the body. With her nutrition plan I don’t feel hungry at all. Just about every suggestion she’s given me in regards to different brands of this and that have all tasted very good, which is a real plus, letting you jump right in, no trial and error needed. To make a long story short, I feel great, so much more energy, I’m not hungry at all and my body feels lighter and more flexible. I feel like my quality of life has just drastically changed for the better.”
Debbie-s-Testimonial~~element51 Debbie-s-Testimonial~~element50
“Dear Kelly , I just want to start by saying Thank you. When I started my weight loss journey I was primarily focused on exercising and what my body looked like on the outside. The idea of food or what I put into my body didn’t really occur to me. When I met with you I had no idea how different foods affect your body and how putting certain foods together will actually help you lose weight. After years of dieting and starving myself to get the ideal body and ending up with the same results, I was ready for a change. You have given me that change. You have shown me what nutrition is, how it can affect and improve your life. I have lost 26 pounds now from changing my diet. I feel better, have more energy and I’m sleeping better than I have in a long time and I feel vibrant and healthy. By making little changes to what I put into my body has made big changes in my life and I know that I am now on the right track to obtaining my weight loss goals and overall healthy life goals.Thank you for making such a big impact on my life and teaching me that in order to get energy out, you must put energy in! Sincerely, Tina Kervick” Tina K.- San Clemente, Ca
Tina-Kervick-Before-and-After~~element50 Tina-Kervick-Before-and-After~~element51
“I started working with Kelly Jean in December 2011. I did her 30 Day Total Wellness Program. I cannot believe how great I feel now! I have arthritis in my hands and wrists. They were very swollen and inflamed …my knees were also painful but wasn’t sure if it was arthritis. I started this program because I knew I needed to make changes in my nutrition and wasn’t sure how to go about it. My triglycerides were high as well as some other areas in my blood work. I recently redid my bloodwork and everything is looking so much better. The inflammation is totally gone from my hands and wrists! My rings are all too big now. My knees do not hurt at all! Having the support from Kelly Jean and learning this new way of eating, along with some great supplements from Metagenics, has truly made my life so much better! I would highly recommend this program to everyone. I have had people stop and ask me what I was doing, because I look so much healthier and I have lost 10 pounds as well. If you are feeling like you need to make some changes in your life, this is the way to go!” Connie C., Oceanside, Ca.
“I can’t begin to list the reasons for my gratitude to Kelly. I have overcome many issues in my life that I’ve been surrendering to for years, all thanks to her! I initially approached Kelly with one goal in mind, weight loss (coming from many years of yo-yo diets, eating disorders, and self-negligence.) During the 30 day program she worked with me to… …realize what my true goals were deep down, attaining ultimate health and wellness and finding a greater self-esteem. She provided the correct tools for accomplishing both. Some of her methods for wellness sounded unattainable BUT I listened to her intently and put in the hard work! After just a week on her program I felt lighter and much more energized. It has been about 2 months since beginning this journey with Kelly and I have never felt better! Gone are the days of extreme exhaustion, cravings, overeating and water retention. I have conquered some very severe eating issues, addiction to sugar, adrenal fatigue and having a negative view of myself, all in a very short time! Going to therapy, attempting countless weight loss programs, even seeking hypnotism, nothing has helped in the past. Something with Kelly clicked. Her program is based on simple principles, which were easy to follow. When I first started the program I felt I was going to fail, not thinking I had the willpower to abstain from sugar, but Kelly was there every step of the way as my biggest cheerleader! For anyone struggling with sugar addiction, health issues, energy deficiency etc., Kelly will honestly be the most important person you meet! I no longer have a poor relationship with food and am free from obsessing over calories! She woke me up from my old ways and opened my eyes to such a better life. It’s amazing what you realize you were missing from life when food isn’t an issue any more. During this program I didn’t gain just a nutritionist, but also a life coach, healer, and most of all great friend! Thank you Kelly for helping me to see the light!” Forever in your debt, Sarah Kranz Sarah Kranz, San Clemente, Ca.
“Ever since I was a young boy I was over weight and even though I was never teased, I was insecure with how I looked. For the past 5 years I’ve tried to workout to lose the weight and change my body, but with no success. Every diet and workout I tried worked to an extent, but never seemed to satisfy me, I felt the same, my body never changed and… ..I was hurting it with all these unsuccessful dietary plans. It seemed that I was falling into a depressive state without me knowing and I thought it was impossible for me to ever lose any weight. Now on 2012, being 23 and working in a frozen yogurt store, I began to think that maybe it wasn’t that the diets and workouts didn’t work, but how I was going about them. Yes, I did my best to eat right, but how could one eat right, if one doesn’t know how? I came to the conclusion that I needed to know how to accomplish this which was one of my New Year’s resolutions.So I joined Xtreme Fitness and I waited for the call of a nutritionist that would come to my aid in this resolution. Kelly Jean Dammeyer is an amazing person, even in our first meeting she saw many things that were going on with my health that I wanted to ignore. My symptoms of sleep deprivation, my allergies and my fatigue made it clear to her that the foods that I was eating and had been eating my whole life had finally caught up with me. I felt that she was right and so I was willing to follow every word she said. Along with a specific way of eating that would stabilize my blood sugar, she was very sure that I needed to let go of gluten and sugar in order to repair what I had done to my body and to make this way of eating a permanent life style and not just one more temporary diet. We went through a 2 hours session where she educated me on how my body worked and how to eat correctly. It was inspiring and I was finally learning how to eat the way we are all suppose to, and so I began with what she had instructed me to do. It was hard to begin, getting rid of all my sugary and fatty delights and opening my mind and taste buds to a new world of gluten and sugar free cuisine. To me it was exciting because I had never heard or seen many of the products that I was beginning to eat. She also placed me on two amazing products that have made a huge change in my motivation and spirit. The first is the PhytoMulti Supplement which adds to the repairs of my body and helps to keep my immune system strong. This supplement has made a very significant difference in the way that I feel along with a digestive enzyme. I never knew what enzymes were until now and what a huge difference they make on digestion and absorption. Thanks to these products and the instructions of this well trained nutritionist, my life has changed for the better. I feel amazing and my cravings for sugar are gone. I don’t even feel tempted by the frozen yogurt where I work. It’s only been a month and a half since I have started this new journey, I see changes in my attitude and in my soul and I have lost 6 pounds and that just makes me feel amazing because I know those pounds wont be coming back.” Miguel Perez, San Clemente, Ca.
“I grew up eating pretty healthy but drifted away from that lifestyle in college. I deprived my body of healthy food because it was cheaper and more convenient to eat junk. I’ve tried to get back to healthier living on my own but haven’t succeeded, until now. My New Years resolution for 2012 was …to completely change my body through healthy eating and exercise. Little did I know that was just the beginning. After I spent a couple of hours with Kelly Jean my motivation for wanting this change in my body was greatly encouraged and I started getting excited to make my grocery list. She gave me so many ideas for new healthy meals and ways to substitute ingredients to provide my body with the proper nutrients. It’s been almost 2 months since I started this journey and it has become a lifestyle change for me and my husband. My husband is in the Marines and although he was skeptical in the beginning he has enjoyed every healthy meal I’ve prepared for him. I’m also going to nursing school and working 12 hour shifts in the hospital and have felt the effect it has on my body. It’s important to me to be healthy and well prepared for the stressful career I have chosen. Once I changed my eating habits I immediately felt the difference. I got rid of the inflammation I had, lost some weight in a healthy way and my body is more balance overall. This is something I would strongly recommend for anyone determined to change. It is well worth your time and money. I’ve truly had a change in my lifestyle and I’m grateful to Kelly Jean for her wisdom and influence in my life.” Abby, San Clemente, Ca.
“Two years ago I had my third child and found that my body didn’t bounce back as easily as my first 2 pregnancies. I was often sluggish, tired, had no energy, belly swelling, morning sadness, and was unmotivated. I have tried many different diets throughout my life and …once again found myself trying weight watchers, the 17 day diet, and others to try to find more energy and drop the final pounds of baby weight. I researched about how to eat healthy, what foods were the best to have on a regular basis and which ones I should stay away from but could never stay “on plan” and would eventually cheat and go back to my old habits. It wasn’t until I worked with Kelly Jean on her 30 day plan and through the blood panel that I was able to overcome my emotional eating, binges, unhealthy eating choices and establish a consistent healthy eating lifestyle. Thanks to Kelly Jean’s support, knowledge, and daily talks I no longer suffer from lack of energy, swelling, fatigue and more. The blood panel opened my eyes to areas in my body that needed to be addressed that I am now working on that I never knew about before. I am so grateful that I now have the tools and knowledge for myself to make daily choices that are going to make me feel better and stronger every day. Thanks Kelly Jean for finally getting me off the dieting roller coaster and helping me to become a healthier, happier, stronger me!” Melissa B., San Clemente, Ca.
“When I first came to Kelly Jean Dammeyer I was in bad shape. I was tired walking to and from the mailbox. I would have to stop and take a breather while grocery shopping. I was living a miserable existence starving myself during the day and gorging myself at night. I had to really look at myself and face the music, I was 308 pounds miserable, …housebound and depressed. The 30 day intensive program was exactly what I needed. Kelly Jean and I planned meals kept in constant contact and met weekly to discuss my progress. She taught me how to eat, how to deal with the feelings that came up, because lets be honest, as a woman weight is a sensitive issue. She taught me the value of myself and how to stand in my own power. Kelly Jean is a well of information, a kindred spirit who has been through it all and is more than willing to share about her own struggles. Just a month later and I’m down 12 pounds, stronger than I’ve ever been and utilizing food as a tool to strengthen my body instead of a poison to keep me trapped in a depressive state. I am blessed to have worked and continue to be working with her. Sarah P., San Clemente, Ca.
“I saw Kelly Jean for an initial nutritional consultation, at which time she introduced me to a new way of food combining, along with the idea of eating more often throughout the day. We had an intensive two hour session of meal planning, making grocery lists, creating a list of foods to avoid, and starting a food journal. During just the first two weeks of following this way of eating, here is what I observed: My stomach was noticeably less bloated, and actually flatter. The almost daily gassy stomach, had ceased. I felt less tired, and did not feel hungry throughout the day . As a bonus, I even lost two pounds. This way of eating does involve some discipline, and planning ahead, but I would say the benefit is well worth it. Kelly Jean has an amazing story and is an inspiration!” Veronica Hoggatt, San Clemente, Ca.
“Before I met Kelly Jean I was not healthy at all, clearly in a danger zone. I had gained 30 lbs. in one year, I was sick to my stomach all the time, extremely lethargic and my mind would race every which direction “Before I met Kelly Jean I was not healthy at all, clearly in a danger zone. I had gained 30 lbs. in one year, I was sick to my stomach all the time, extremely lethargic and my mind would race every which direction. Kelly Jean I appreciate your compassion and understanding and I am grateful to you for sharing your knowledge with such depth and passion. I am thrilled to have found you, even more than that, you are saving my life. I have been in serious danger with my sugar levels and didn’t know it. The education you are providing me is priceless and something I will never un-learn. I am feeling solid in a sense, learning things that were never taught to me before. Now for 2 weeks I am eating properly, I feel alert, happy, focused, stable and content. I have even allowed myself to stop drinking coffee because I learned how awesome it is to drink green tea. Something wonderful is happening inside my body, mind and spirit…I am thoroughly impressed and feel so good! I’m looking forward to continuing this program of nutritional life throughout the rest of my life.” Tracey M., Oceanside, Ca.
“I was a bit skeptical at first. I did do the blood test because I was tired and not feeling my best and figured I needed to do this for my own good. I must say after readjusting my eating habits and taking the right supplements I feel much better. My energy is back, my skin feels and looks better and I am glad I took Kelly’s advice. I need to lose about 15 pounds and I am doing it slowly and it feels right. The right nutritional combination is very important. There are always things to learn.” Annette Koby, San Clemente, Ca.
“Kelly Jean’s vast knowledge of nutrition, exercise and wellness for the body, mind and spirit is so educational and sensible. Her caring and enthusiastic approach makes you feel very comfortable and every program is tailor made for each individual. She encourages you to make health a priority. Her recipes are balanced, delicious and user friendly. She is beautiful and inspiring and sets a great example for anyone looking to improve their health.” Debbie Dejong, San Clemente, Ca.
“Prior to working with Kelly, I had 2 primary concerns about myself; skin, and losing weight. My skin was that of a 14 year old boy. I had never broken out in my life and then at 23, at the start of my career and life in CA, my skin goes insane. The dermatologist diagnosed my breakouts as hormonal and …gave me antibiotic and a variety of drying topical creams. My breakouts were not surfaced or small. They were deep, nodular, painful and scarring. I joined Fitness Elite at the prime of my breakouts, thinking, “If my face is gross, doesn’t mean my butt has to be!” So I started working out, then met with Kelly. As our first session approached, I was so hopeful that this would be it. In our first session together, Kelly taught me the importance of the way fats, proteins and carbohydrates work together and that my history of fad dieting was essentially pointless. We reviewed what my day looked like and how I would best get all of my meals in and when. My favorite part was the grocery list. She broke down every grocery store in the area, what isle to find things in and what products are the cheapest and healthiest. I would have never known all of the options that are out there. She even let me try some of her lunch, as I wasn’t sure gluten free would satisfy my palate, and boy was I wrong! Delicious!! (I made that same lunch every single day for two weeks.) After about a week of following Kelly and journaling my meals, I sat with her again and we reviewed everything I did right and wrong. We discussed supplements and exercise. At that point my skin was remarkable. I could not believe how one week of cutting out poor food choices would change my face. The texture, scarring and inflammation was almost back to normal. Week three, and my face is finally where a touch of makeup does the trick and I’m down a dress size! Double whammy!! I am so grateful for the work I got to do with Kelly. She was such a sweetheart and really understood what I was going through. I will continue to live the Kelly way and feel great doing so. Thanks Kelly!!” Nelae D., San Clemente, Ca.
“I would absolutely recommend Kelly Jean to ANYONE who is ready to, or desperate to, make changes in their physical and emotional health. Kelly Jean is an absolute Godsend. Here’s my story: I had suffered with adrenal fatigue and hypothyroid issues in recent years, and refused to stay on medication I had nursed myself back to feeling a lot better, but I could tell something was still wrong with my body. I had gained weight, lost stamina, and noticed unusual skin reactions as well as a body composition that was much softer than I prefer. Because of my past adrenal problems, I was afraid to exercise too much for fear of depleting my adrenals further. I was doing a lot of internal, spiritual work, and I could feel energetically that something was going to change for the better (I could feel a breakthrough on the horizon), but I wasn’t quite there–until I got on the phone with Ms. Kelly Jean. She was exactly the one to carry me over the hurdles I was facing in my health. I started with her because some of my friends were going to work with her and I was intrigued by her approach (using a blood panel to get a “snapshot” of your health as a starting point). I did the blood test and analysis and was amazed that she was able to interpret the story my body was telling based on my blood. I also liked that she was using an alternative standard for the healthy ranges, rather than the Western scale of “disease.” Kelly Jean took one look at my numbers (all of which, except one, were “normal” by Western standards) and told me I had too much iron, not enough minerals, my blood was acidic, and my liver was under so much stress it couldn’t process the estrogen in my blood (Oh, is THAT why my boobs need their own zip code?) She put me on an eating program (more on that in a minute), showed me her secret workout moves, and really just loved and supported and guided me back into my health. My food plan was pretty easy over all (fortunately, I had worked through my sugar addiction and emotional eating issues before we met, although I understand she can carry you through that like a soldier). What I realized is that the hard part wasn’t what I had to eat, it was having a plan at all. I didn’t have a real plan before, so I just floated around and ate whatever (or stuck to some ridiculously impractical diet that would never last). With Kelly Jean’s plan, I was able to pretty happily adapt her recommendations to my lifestyle and taste buds. It took me about a week to get in the swing. As for my blood test, she told me exactly what I could do to bring down my iron, support my liver, alkalize my blood and supplement minerals; mostly just using food and a few vitamins (she made me give up the 600 other products and potions I’d been giving myself). Right away I felt better. That was about six weeks ago, and I’m still feeling FANTASTIC. Every day my energy is even. I don’t really have cravings (just occasionally if I’m really tired) and for the first time in my life food/sugar/diet/fear isn’t ruling me. What a relief! I’m having a lot more fun and fitting into my clothes again (even my jeans and bras — bye-bye estrogen dominance!) and since I know my adrenals and thyroid are healthy (as evidenced by my blood test), I started back this week exercising at a high intensity, which I absolutely LOVE. As soon as I get my follow-up blood test, I’ll write in again & brag some more;) Kelly Jean is so powerful and relatable and really such a loving, gifted healer, after I started with her, I sent my Mom to her too. She’s making amazing, fundamental changes in my Mom’s life too (and Mom’s seeing results!) Thank you, Kelly Jean, for helping me get my confidence back. I’m starting to feel like my energetic, positive, powerful self again. Yippee! I love you!” Adriane K., Los Angeles
“Kelly Jean has been a wellness angel in my life!! I have struggled for much of my life with excess weight, bloating, low energy, etc. and this is the first time I actually feel that I’m on a healing and wellness path. I realize now that attempting to make changes without the data gleaned through the initial blood test is like shooting in the dark. Thus, I see that many of my past attempts at wellness were based on both: an incorrect understanding of nutrition and no clear understanding of what exactly wasn’t working in the first place. Kelly Jean acts as a partner in wellness, listening carefully to your unique story, issues, concerns and blocks. Without judgement, she provides sound information and guidance that she’s accumulated through her personal health journey. I have consistently lost 2 lbs a week since I started 5 weeks ago, and had lots of inflammation drop at the second-week mark. I am seeing how much the foods we eat affect not only our bodies, but our moods and emotions as well! I have recommended Kelly to my family and friends and I hope they benefit as much as I am. Kelly’s passion for optimal living is contagious… a million thanks KJ!
“Kelly Jean is a gift of light, feminine power and love to all of us. She offers her services, her expertise from a space of deep caring, love and service that is dedicated to creating wholeness and clarity in those she serves. Because she has bravely walked through the difficulties of a life that has been filled with challenges, she is able to meet her clients with an incredible understanding and give each person support, hope and courage. Kelly is an exceptional woman who offers her beautiful person in its fullness of grace and love.” Donna Bauman, Ed.D., Ph.D.,M.S.,B.A.