With over 20 years of experience, Kelly Jean is known for incorporating all of the newest and cutting edge information with her clients and as a result, she has tremendous success.

Using Food as Medicine – The Foundation

Food is absolutely the foundation for healthy weight loss, hormone
eliminating symptoms and reversing all chronic illnesses.

Kelly Jean begins with a very in depth session where she teaches
you how to use food to build minerals, balance vitamin deficiencies
and stabilize your blood sugar.

Most people’s bodies are operating dominantly in the sympathetic nervous
system, otherwise known as “fight, flight or freeze”. This
causes major
inflammation in the body which is the underlying culprit
behind all chronic
health conditions.

Correcting health issues requires our body to be operating dominantly in the 
parasympathetic nervous system, otherwise known as “rest, digest and heal”.

Kelly Jean will show you exactly how to eat in order to shift your body into the
parasympathetic nervous system. This way of eating will allow the body to correct
itself, as well as, help you sleep deeply, eliminate anxiety and improve your digestion.

Functional Blood Analysis

This is an optional additional service that Kelly Jean provides in order to see
more deeply into your health.

In Western medicine, many doctors order minimal yearly tests and are
looking at your blood results up against
 “pathological ranges” which are
very broad and are based on an average unhealthy human being. 

Many people become frustrated when they are told by their doctor that
everything is normal yet they walk away
 still feeling negative symptoms
and unable to get to the root cause of why. 

Fortunately, the Functional medicine world has come up with
“functional ranges” (narrower) which is more
because they are based on an average healthy human being. 

Kelly Jean helps her clients order a more thorough list of blood tests
from their doctor and/or specific
 low cost independent labs. She then
analyzes your results up against these functional (preventive) ranges

and is able to look at inflammatory levels, liver health, mineral and
electrolyte balance, vitamin levels,
 immune function and cholesterol health.  

Through nutritional changes and careful supplementation, Kelly Jean helps
her clients achieve
 tremendous improvements in their overall health
and/or conditions.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

HTMA is one of the most cutting edge tests available today. Kelly Jean
strongly suggests this test to her clients
 who want to prevent and/or
correct chronic conditions.

This test allows you to see your health from a more cellular perspective
which is different than the Functional
 Blood Analysis described above.
This test is optional as well.

HTMA measures 36 minerals and toxic metals in the body and is a
very powerful tool in uncovering the root
 cause behind health conditions
and symptoms. It is also one of the most powerful tests one can do to prevent

future illness.

Too little or too many minerals can have an adverse effect on your health
and the body’s ability to recover.
 Toxic metals can also wreak havoc on
your health and is the reason behind many chronic conditions.
evaluating your HTMA results, through nutritional changes,
supplementation and safe detoxification,
 Kelly Jean helps you achieve
tremendous improvements in your overall health and/or conditions.


Kelly Jean is well versed in the value of supplementation when done correctly.
Supplementation is a vital
 and necessary piece of the overall equation to your
health and healing. This is a valuable component in
 Kelly Jean’s education and
she designs an individualized protocol for each client.


Our daily activities, relationships and career have everything to do with our health.
Any type of output that
 exceeds what the body is meant to handle is called “stress”.
It is a fact that chronic stress is one of the leading
 causes of illness.

Most people are operating dominantly in their sympathetic nervous system
otherwise known as “fight, flight
 or freeze”. Common symptoms are inability
to sleep deeply through the night, anxiety, weight gain, digestive
sugar cravings and lack of energy.

In order to prevent future illness and/or reverse chronic conditions, you
must be operating mostly in your
 parasympathetic nervous system otherwise
known as “rest, digest and heal”. When you are operating in this
parasympathetic nervous system, you will experience an internal calmness
throughout your day and
 longer deeper sleeps. You will lose weight easily,
your cravings will diminish, your digestive system will
 improve drastically
and you will have long lasting energy.

Kelly Jean will help you identify how you are approaching certain areas
of your life that could be contributing
 to your current condition. Once
identified, she will support you in making the necessary adjustments.


Kelly Jean first started her health and wellness career as a fitness
professional back in 1998. She has extensive
 experience and knowledge
in this area of wellness and incorporates this into her nutritional consulting. 

Knowing how to approach your fitness is essential in being able to reverse
and/or prevent chronic health conditions.

Over exercising is one of the most destructive activities and is counterproductive
in both healing the body and
 achieving longevity. Being sedentary and not moving
the body regularly is also counterproductive for one’s health.

According to your current health condition and goals, Kelly Jean will design
the best daily/weekly regiment and exercises for you personally. The goal is
to feel energized, more strength and enjoyment from your fitness program.

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Initial Consultation

In this complimentary consultation,
Kelly Jean will gather information regarding your current health goals and issues. From there she will discuss different program options that would best fit your needs. Kelly Jean works
with clients nationwide on zoom. 


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